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A room with a sea view, a specific type of room or dietary preferences.

Your special request must be made during the booking process. Your special requests should be confirmed by contacting the hotel directly or contact Customer Service.

To reserve a conference facility.

Scoobybook.com can only make reservations for hotel rooms.

To check the availability of a room.

Complete the region and dates you would like to book in the search boxes on the homepage of Scoobybook.com.

To know if Scoobybook.com could make a reservation for me.

Our team is only responsible for mediating between (an) individual(s) and a hotel for a reservation. We appreciate that you understand this is in order to avoid misunderstanding and fraud.

To book a smoking/non smoking room.

For any special requirements, such as a certain room type, you must state this in the Special Requests field.

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